Satisfrazer is a New Delhi based online shopping store for men and women. We are among the best online clothing stores in India, offering our products at very feasible prices.
P.O. Box:
B- 6/6, 2nd Floor,Ramesh Nagar
P.O. Box: 110015
New Delhi
New Delhi

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About Us is a New Delhi based Company aimed at providing consumers, sitting in each and every corner of various Indian cities, with a bouquet of products at their disposal through our online e-commerce platform We are different from the likes of Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeals as we are more customer focus rather than top line focus. Our endeavour is to see that pretty smile on our customers’ face after a shopping experience with Satisfazer. We put all our resources including dedicated sales, logistics, and online team together to give a delightful shopping experience for years to remember.

How is Satisfazer unique

There are several reasons why we are unique and why our customers love to do business with us. Firstly we are not start-ups who are here by shear trial and error method but are part of a larger conglomerate, the Kairavin Business Technologies who are already into e-waste management and Cloud Computing business. Satisfazer is our dream child and not any other resource to be just another e-commerce business to add more competition to the already existing one nor are we here to get acquired by a bigger business tycoon some day for an unfathomed amount of Dollar currency.

We bring best of the best products that you would have spent time to hand pick from these famous markets across India. We are only simplifying the process by choosing the products and putting at your finger tip for you to buy at reasonable price.



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